The EUROtronic Design „Comet WiFi“ radiator thermostat is integrated directly into your WiFi

…Say goodbye to complicated installation

More and more households are using innovative SmartHome technology, and need-based heating control is one of the most common requests. Programmable thermostats from EUROtronic help you save heating costs, follow a fixed, easy-to-create heating plan and also offer many other convenient functions. The new “Comet WiFi” thermostat integrates another highlight. The devices in this new series combine the latest WiFi technology, simple operation and an extremely high-quality aesthetic. Using the worldwide WiFi standard enables quick and easy installation, configuration and operation.

The “Comet WiFi” is an electronic radiator thermostat combining our experience from around 10 million EUROtronic thermostats into one innovative device. We’ve combined our expertise with the most stable world-standard WiFi to create a unique product. It can be easily integrated into any WiFi network in just a few minutes, without an additional gateway. Conventional radiator thermostats work with radio standards such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT or Bluetooth. These technologies require separate gateways and consume significantly more energy. In comparison, the “Comet WiFi” has a considerably longer battery life. All you need to do is install the free EUROtronic app. The thermostats are then immediately integrated into the WiFi and configured individually for each room. The app transmits changed heating times to the devices in real time, so the temperature is adapted immediately to the needs of the user. Easy app control means you can heat individual rooms or the entire house in a way that is tailored to your daily routine. Users simply save their heating plans, tailored to their everyday routine, and always enjoy the perfect temperature at home.

Die Eurotronic Technology GmbH mit Sitz in Steinau an der Straße produziert seit 20 Jahren elektronische Heizkörperthermostate für den deutschen und internationalen Markt. Die Entwicklung und Produktion der Geräte findet direkt am Standort in Steinau statt. Im Jahr 2017 hat Eurotronic seine Produktions- und Logistikfläche um weitere 2.000 qm, auf nun 7.000 qm, erweitert.

Eurotronic-Produkte sind damit “Made in Germany”. Von Steinau aus werden auch alle Kunden betreut, die gerade bei individuellen Kundenwünschen und OEM-Lösungen den direkten Kontakt zum Vertrieb sowie der Fertigung und Entwicklung haben. Damit sind sehr flexible, kundenindividuelle Lösungen in einer kurzen Zeit für Eurotronic-Kunden möglich.