Ready for the terabit age: tde, Senko and Prysmian Group are inviting to the NTT Webcast

Cable, connector and network experts present solutions for stable and future-proof networks in online seminar

  • 020, tde and Senko have installed structured cabling based on the tML-24, tML-32 systems as well as the patch cable management tPM in the central distributor and in selected manufacturer cabinets of the NTT Experience Lab in Frankfurt. Companies can thus successfully test their digitalisation projects, develop efficient cloud strategies and validate use cases.

Now the technology partners are providing information in a webcast about the installed cabling concept based on MPO multi-fibre technology: “The demands on the highly available and failure-proof cabling infrastructure are and remain high. To ensure that companies are well equipped to enter the terabit age, they should rely on reliable cables, innovative connectors in the patch area and the proven multi-fibre technology in the rear. Together with the experts from the Prysmian Group, BU Multimedia Solutions and Senko, we will show what to look out for,” says Andre Engel, Managing Director of tde.

In order to shed light on the cabling infrastructure ecosystem in a holistic manner, tde has also been able to win the Prysmian Group’s technology partner BU Multimedia Solutions as a webcast partner. Gerard Pera, Product Manager FO Data Cables of BU MMS, will open the webcast with a presentation on “Fibre optic cable miniaturisation in high-speed networks”. He informs about the technological development of Draka fibre optic cables towards smaller and improved dimensions, high-density solutions and further multimedia solutions for data centres and related applications. He also provides insights into the current state of parallel optical cabling.

Afterwards, Jarno Franke, Sales Account Manager at Senko, explains the advantages of the compact CS and SN connectors: “Thanks to their up to 40 percent smaller form factor compared to comparable LC duplex connectors, the packing density in the patch area can be significantly increased. However, the full innovative advantage of the new generation of single-fibre connectors only comes into play in combination with the systematics of the tML cabling platforms: By relying on CS connection technology on the front side, the tML32 system from network expert tde can realise up to 128 x 2 fibres with a total of 256 fibres on one height unit. The SN connector goes even further, integrating up to 384 fibres, twice as many as when using LC duplex connectors. These and other aspects for more packing density and space savings in data centres are the focus of Sascha Langer, Sales Consultant at tde trans data elektronik GmbH, in his contribution entitled “High-density in Data Centres”.

“With the webcast, we want to support companies in the planning and proof-of-concept for their digitalisation project,” explains Andre Engel and continues: “Because only if they know right from the start what they have to pay attention to when implementing a stable and future-proof cabling infrastructure, can they later rely on high availability and 100 percent reliability with simultaneous easy migration to higher transmission rates. Flexible, modular cabling systems are central to this. These should take into account fibre optic cables with high fibre counts and small diameters as well as the possibility of integrating all relevant connectors currently available on the market.”

SENKO Advanced Components develops, manufactures, markets and distributes hundreds of fiber optic products, providing solutions across the spectrum of fiber optic applications from FTTx, telecom and Datacom applications to broadcast and medical. They aim to be recognized as the global leader for interconnect solutions by providing our customers with the highest quality optical connectivity.

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