Synergies for sustainability: energy and waste disposal

Climate change is undoubtedly in the spotlight as one of the most urgent global challenges of our era. The steady rise in temperatures, the increase in extreme weather events and the threatening rise in sea levels are putting not only the natural environment, but also human health and our entire economic structure at risk. Addressing these issues and minimizing the impact of climate change requires decisive action to promote renewable energy and the continued development of environmentally friendly technologies.

MABEWO Group of Companies – Pioneers for a Better World

„Make a better world“ – this guiding principle is at the heart of the MABEWO group of companies, which is committed to developing innovative solutions in the fields of climate change and renewable energy. With a unique approach to landfill degassing and investments in renewable energies, MABEWO aims to make a significant contribution to reducing methane emissions and thus make an important contribution to combating climate change.

Landfill degassing: a key to emissions reduction

Landfill degassing focuses on the critical process of capturing and treating methane emissions from landfills. Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas that contributes about 25 times more to global warming than carbon dioxide (CO). The MABEWO Group of Companies is committed to capturing these harmful emissions through the application of innovative technologies and converting them into renewable energy. Methane serves as a valuable fuel for power generation in this process. „Such an approach not only holds immense environmental benefits, but also opens up considerable economic potential,“ emphasizes Jörg Trübl, environmental engineer and CEO of MABEWO AG.

Investments in renewable energies: MABEWO strengthens Europe’s energy transition

MABEWO AG is actively involved in promoting and investing in renewable energies in Europe. European regions hold enormous potential for energy production from the sun, wind and biomass. By expanding renewable energies in various European countries, MABEWO not only contributes to the diversification of energy sources, but also supports sustainable local development with the creation of jobs, explains Trübl.

Renewable energies in the fight against climate change

Europe’s goal is to phase out fossil fuels and increase the use of renewable energies, which are expected to make a significant contribution to reducing CO emissions. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has already emphasized that the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius requires a major shift to renewable energies. MABEWO is actively working to meet these goals by investing in renewable energy while reducing methane emissions. In this way, it is helping to prevent a looming climate catastrophe.

European Green Deal

MABEWO’s efforts are not only in the spirit of global environmental protection, but fit perfectly within the framework of the European Green Deal. This ambitious program of the European Union aims to transform Europe into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 and thus curb climate change. Through its activities, MABEWO contributes to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and demonstrates that sustainability can go hand in hand with profitability. Overall, MABEWO is an outstanding example of how companies can make a positive contribution to climate protection and be economically successful at the same time. In cooperation with its project companies, MABEWO AG develops and operates the subsidiary „MABEWO Energy“ with a focus on solar plants, landfill degassing plants and biogas plants. As an integral part of the MABEWO Group, MABEWO Energy AG assumes the function of energy production and the generation of CO2 certificates as a green powerhouse.

Sustainable development and climate protection: the role of innovative solutions

Sustainable development and climate change mitigation urgently require that companies like MABEWO develop and implement innovative solutions. The use of renewable energies and the reduction of emissions are indispensable steps to curb global warming and minimize the effects of climate change.

Landfill degassing for methane reduction

MABEWO recognizes that landfill degassing is an effective method for reducing methane emissions. Methane, which is produced during the decomposition of waste, is specifically one of the potent greenhouse gases and is a major contributor to global warming. By capturing and using methane as a fuel to generate electricity, MABEWO can both generate renewable energy and neutralize harmful emissions.

Investments in renewable energies

In addition, MABEWO actively invests in renewable energies, particularly in countries with a high potential for renewable resources such as solar, wind and biomass. The expansion of renewable energies in these regions not only enables a sustainable energy supply, but also contributes to economic development and the creation of new jobs. MABEWO thus demonstrates that the switch to renewable energies can not only make ecological sense, but also be economically profitable.

Sustainable energy production, construction and operation of sustainable power plants

MABEWO relies on a symbiosis of energy and waste to produce and feed in electricity from renewable sources, minimizing the distance between energy production and use while reducing CO2 and CH4 emissions. Jörg Trübl, CEO of MABEWO AG: „We are facing the great and urgent task of an energy turnaround. MABEWO AG is committed to this task and contributes to a sustainable future by generating clean electricity locally.“

Overall, the MABEWO Group of Companies is an outstanding example of a company that takes responsibility for climate protection and develops innovative solutions. Their work in the areas of landfill degassing and renewable energies is groundbreaking and shows that it is possible to combine economic success and sustainability. With their measures, they are helping to minimize the harmful effects of climate change and shape a more sustainable future for us all.


Valentin Jahn, Blogger

Die MABEWO AG steht für Nachhaltigkeit. „Make a better world“ investiert in die Zukunft und entwickelt innovative Technologien, um die größten Herausforderungen unserer Zeit zu lösen: Klimaschutz, Energiewende, Ressourcenschonung und Lebensmittelversorgung. Herr Jörg Trübl ist ausgebildeter Umweltingenieur und verfügt über 20 Jahre praktische wirtschaftliche Erfahrung in der Unternehmensführung als Berater, Coach und CEO von KMUs in Europa.

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