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Interactive product videos in the new Schlenker catalogue

Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge not only stands for first-class product quality, but also for innovative ideas. That is why there are now interactive product videos in the company’s new catalogue, which enable all interested to gain detailed insights into the Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge products. An exciting opportunity to discover the complex world of clamping tools.

In addition to numerous products and options, customers will find many helpful tips in the new Schlenker catalogue. But which interactions are hidden behind the QR codes?

Interactive videos have been created for some products to give those interested more insight into their functions. By swiping or moving the PC mouse, the interactive videos can be played step by step. One can save the URL links of the videos and access them at any time. There are interactive product videos on these topics:

The first product video with the corresponding QR code can be found in the catalog chapter on the offset gripping collets. Here, the clamping of the workpiece with the offset gripping collet is simulated step by step by moving the PC mouse or swiping. In the detailed view right at the top, you can see the process from the frontal perspective. In addition, there is an animation for the over grip collets in this chapter. The open presented collet shows clearly how the workpiece is clamped.

In the catalogue for the different versions of the crown bar feed collets, there are already illustrations showing how this profile material can be loaded reliably. There is now also an interactive video that shows step by step how the material is safely threaded into the crown bar feed collet.

This short video shows everything that is needed to correctly mount the rotating insert. The whole thing can be watched in individual paces and can be repeated at any time. The zoomed rotating insert fixed in the vize is shown right at the top so that the process can be followed in detail.

The interactive product videos provide exciting insights into the correct use of the clamping tools. Everything else that can be found in the new Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge catalogue can be viewed in the new video for the 2022 catalogue under the following link:

Since its foundation in 1952 by Hans Schlenker, the Schlenker company has fully specialized in the production of high-quality clamping tools.

The focus on the customer as well as uncompromisingly high quality runs like a red thread through the more than 70 years company history of Schlenker.

Schlenker is regarded as a technological leader on the market for clamping tools and is continuously expanding its business with customer-specific and innovative product solutions.