More safety when stripping permanent molds

Precisely guided ejector mandrel replaces risky crane maneuvers

Block pusher with sectional view of filled ingot mold

At METEC, Dango & Dienenthal (D&D) will present the new vertical ingot ejector that pushes ingots out of the mold in a controlled manner. These features enable the machine to significantly increase both process reliability and occupational safety.

When casting ingots in steel mills, stripping the permanent molds used to be highly hazardous for the personnel and the machines: The ingot molds had to be swung against massive objects with the crane, for example, until the ingots came loose. In addition to hazardous working conditions and barely calculable time expenditure, damaged ingot molds, a high mechanical load on the cranes and correspondingly high wear were a daily occurrence.

Having already supplied horizontal block pushers for horizontal ingot molds, D&D will be presenting the vertical variant for upright ingot molds for the first time at METEC – for both open-bottom and sack ingot molds. The new system reduces the time required for stripping, takes up little space and feeds the ingot to the next process step in a controlled manner. It also makes the process plannable, as stripping only takes a few minutes at a time.

The ingot mold is placed on a support plate and clamped by hydraulic hold-down devices. To release the ingots from the various mold shapes, either the mold cover is removed and the ingot is gripped directly by the crane, or it is pressed out of the mold by a mandrel.

For Boris Marcukaitis, Sales Engineer at D&D, occupational safety is a particularly important aspect: „One of the highest safety levels applies to crane systems, which is why „traditional ingot mold unloading“ has long been a major headache for many companies. With the new block pusher, ingot molds no longer swing more or less uncontrollably through the hall.“

Dango & Dienenthal at METEC 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany, June 12-16, 2023:

Hall1 / Booth C85

About the Dango & Dienenthal Group

DANGO & DIENENTHAL is a company with a long tradition: it was founded in 1865 as a non-ferrous metal foundry by August Dango and Louis Dienenthal. Since then, the company has developed into the world-renowned premium manufacturer of special machinery and plants for the production, forming and processing of semi-finished products made of steel and non-ferrous metals. The company’s main areas of expertise are:

  • Melting and forging<\/li><\/ul>
    • Rolling and bending<\/li><\/ul>
      • Heat treatment<\/li><\/ul>

        The scope of delivery includes:

        • Tapping and measuring equipment for blast furnaces (e.g. taphole openers, clay guns, cover manipulators and probes)<\/li><\/ul>
          • Machines for open-die and closed-die forging as well as ring rolling plants (e.g. forging and transport manipulators, heavy-load robots and handling machines)<\/li><\/ul>
            • Automated transport equipment for heat treatment (e.g. transport manipulators, heavy-load robots and handling machines)<\/li><\/ul>
              • Tending machines for melting furnaces (charging, stoking and distribution machines)<\/li><\/ul>
                • Deslagging equipment<\/li><\/ul>
                  • Machines for the pipe industry (e.g. pipe sizing tools, expanders and bending machines)<\/li><\/ul>
                    • Equipment for liquid filtration (filter systems and separators)<\/li><\/ul>

                      At the heart of our work is thinking in terms of processes, so that customers can produce forgings, rings, pipes and plates that precisely meet their clients‘ specifications. This also includes the customer-specific integration of the equipment into the increasingly complex digital data world of the plants.

                      The machines operate with maximum precision, even under extreme operating conditions. Their MORE in robustness ensures high availability in production day in, day out and thus makes a decisive contribution to the customers‘ efficient production processes.

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