More space in the ODF: New tDF FO splice module with integrated loose tube over length management system

tde – trans data elektronik presents space-saving, modular tDF solution for splicing up to 24x optical fibres

Dortmund/Germany, September 22nd, 2020. tde – trans data elektronik GmbH is expanding its successful modular central office solution tDF to include a pure fibre optic splice module. Network engineers can use it to splice through up to 24x optical fibres. A unique feature in the industry is the over length management system integrated into the splice module. While conventional solutions require an additional height unit for the overlength tray, network engineers and companies save rack space by using the tDF fibre optic splice modules. The ODF solution scores with its high packing density: Up to 288 splices can be stored in a tDF 19-inch module with three height units. Thereby, the tDF rack system holds up to 4032 splices in 46 height units.

Up to now, network engineers could only terminate the fibres in the central office solution tDF by splicing pigtails via the classic splice-to-patch conversion. With the new pure fibre optic splice module, the network expert is now expanding the ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) distributor to include the application for splicing through up to 24x optical fibres, which is just as common in the field. A unique feature of the new splice module is the integrated loose tube over length management system: Compared to conventional solutions, no additional overlength tray is required, which means that the tDF subrack equipped with the splice module manages with one height unit less. The result is a very high packing density. A tDF 19-inch subrack with three height units can be equipped with twelve splice modules. Up to 288 splices can be stored per module. This means that a tDF rack system with 46 height units can accommodate up to 4032 splices.

“We paid particular attention to user-friendly installation while developing”, says André Engel, Managing Director of tde. “This is why the patented tDF System can be fitted completely from the front, which makes the work of network technicians much easier”. The master cables can be routed to the side of the subrack unit before splitting them there. This results in very short stripping lengths for the master cables. Assembly times can be reduced to a minimum.

For the new splice module, tde reduced the diameter of the flexible tube from 6.4 to 5 mm. A new loose tube management system at the rear of the tDF assembly became necessary. As a result, twice the number of flexible tubes can be managed. Network engineers also benefit from the more flexible and convenient handling of the thinner flex tubes.

The new loose tube management system is compatible with the previous splice-to-patch modules. Splice-to-patch and pure splice modules can be equipped in combination. The compatibility with the tML cabling systems also allows the assembly of MPO/MTP modules in the same sub rack.

Thanks to its modular design, the tDF rack system gives maximum flexibility. “We offer our customers the option of ordering the rack systems completely preconfigured according to their specific requirements. In addition, the tDF rack system can be completely disassembled to simplify assembly and transport in locations that are difficult to access,” says André Engel, explaining the advantages of the new solution. Thanks to their low installation depth, the tDF subrack can also be integrated into street cabinets. Network engineers can remove the tDF fibre optic modules for splicing from the tDF subrack and splice them externally. For this purpose, tde offers its own tDF splicing table. It can be hung on the side of the tDF rack system.

Further information regarding the modular “Central Office” solution tDF can also be found in the flyer.